Gold Security Package

Each Hive Custom Security system comes standard with two Hitachi/HGST 1 terabyte hard drives in a mirrored RAID array to prevent data loss, an ultra fast Intel Core i7 processor, an external ASUS DVD burner, and 16 gigabytes of premium Corsair memory. All of our DVR boxes carry a 3 year hardware warranty. If any part fails within 3 years we'll replace it, no questions asked.

This package also includes 4 Amovision 720p HD cameras and 2 HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras, rated IP66 weatherproof, and DC power adapters. If you don't want to or can't use the included DC power adapters at the camera installation site we also offer Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapters. These can be plugged into a power source near the computer networking equiptment and send power over the same ethernet cable carrying the data signal.

These systems can be used "headless" once configured and do not required a dedicated monitor and keyboard/mouse. This requires remoting in from another computer on the network. If you prefer to have direct access we also have monitors and keyboard/mice as optional accessories.

Most routers, whether bought from the store or supplied by your internet provider, only have connections for up to 4 devices. If you require additional ethernet jacks to connect the security system and cameras you will need to utilize an ethernet switch to extend your network. If you need more than 12-16 cameras you will likely need more than one switch. If you're not sure whether you need a switch, or how many switches you need, please call or send us an email and we'd be happy to help.

TRENDnet 16 Port Ethernet Switch

Acer/ASUS 19" Flat Panel Monitor

GIGABYTE Mouse and Keyboard Set