Digital Billboard Advertising

Billboard Image

The Hive Network is now selling space on digital billboard signs. We currently have one location in downtown Waynesburg with more locations planned.

What Is a Digital Billboard Sign?

Digital signs utilize Light Emitting Diode (LED) arrays to display a full collor advertisement in much the same way modern flat panel televisions and computer monitors do, just on a larger scale. Digital signs are also usually the same size as static billboards.

Why Should I advertise on a digital sign?

There are many advantages to advertising on a digital billboard as opposed to static billboards. Large vinyl sheets must be printed and placed on a static board by skilled laborers thus a digital option is usually less expensive. It has been proven that movement, or the sense of motion, catches the eye. Advertisements changing on a digital board, while not technically in motion, draw a person’s attention much better than a static billboard. Also, since digital boards are lit by bright LEDs they are brighter and more noticeable from a distance. Since there is no printing involved digital ads are much easier to update and can be changed to reflect upcoming deals and specials or to replace any details that may have changed, such as a phone number or location in real time. Using multiple design layouts and changing information can lead to creative marketing strategies, such as telling a story.

How many people will see my advertisement?

Our current location in downtown Waynesburg, PA is at an intersection with a traffic light so people have plenty of time to view the sign. There are approximately 11,000 cars per day with an average of 1.3 occupants per car. This means there are over 400,000 impressions per month.

How much will advertising on a digital sign cost?

Because of fluctuationg markets and various other reasons the costs can vary from location to location or even for different times during the year. If you are interested in advertising with us please email us or call for additional information and to schedule a free consultation.